Hyper-Blockchain DeFi Network

We believe that digital tokens are more than an asset for financial speculation. The purpose to distribute Token is to form an economy of trust in the cryptocurrency world and becoming a leading Fintech startup in digital payments.

  • Start
    December 26th at 1PM UTC
  • Project Protocol
    Hyper-deflationary DeFi
  • Token Supply
    17,000,000 SERIES
    (17 Million)
  • Token Price
    $0.03 (Approx)
    (0.00005 bnb/SERIES)
  • Initial Circulation
    10% of Total
  • Holders Reward
    5% On Each & Every Trade

Token Distribution

  1. 0.5%
    (0.5% of total SERIES)
  2. 10%
    Initial Supply
    (10% of total SERIES)
  3. 17m
    Total Supply


December 2021
Beta Network
Initial Circulation
0.5% of total SERIES
Expand Community
  • Involving network into promotional tasks.
  • Community feedback and stretegic network expansion tools.
  • Enforcing marketing campaign such as bounties, airdrops, launchpools and other network growth tools.
The majority of the free distribution will be focused on equvivalent form. making the community balanced. We will try to match the Traders and holder ratio by allocating the distribution in formal and equal manner. This will be an done by analysing the previous records of promotional tools
Q3 2022
Research Center
R&D Lab
MetaVerse & Blockchain
Establishment of R&D for Blockchain Implementation and New technology Research Centre in Blockchain and Metaverse
Q4 2022
Bitseries Finance
Launch Series
Products or services
Establishment of Bitseries lab to launch series of Products or services to support the trust of Bitseries coin. Product or Services launched may or may not be directly integrate bitseries tokens but ultimate goal will be to provide profitable relation between bitseries and bitseries token, that utlimately result for expanding bitseries economy.